The St. Thomas Orchestra was co-founded by Bernard Tamosaitis and Peter Arike in 2002. Among its ranks today can be counted a broad spectrum of professionals in the arts, sciences, law, finance, medicine, and business. Members in the orchestra range in age from 15 to 85 and are united by a common commitment to the pursuit of musical excellence. Over the years, we have evolved into a uniquely diverse organization of remarkable depth and it is our privilege to perform great symphonic music for our community.

Our Mission

The power of music is to transport us outside of day-to-day concerns and into an unfettered realm of communal epiphany. It is our hope that the orchestra will serve as a bridge to make great symphonic music more accessible to our community.

Personnel Roster

1st Violin

Lori Horowitz ***
Joshua Berrett
Claire Cohen
Megumi Kobayashi
Namiko Martin
Joyce Nakamiya
Kaori Saimaru
Tai Ping Tan
Antje Wilmer

2nd Violin

Rebecca Eckfeld *
Karen Chow
Jay Dweck
Judith Grand
Ted Kesler
Nancy Mariani
Lieven Nuyttens
Yoko Sato
Gabriel Tan
Sarah Zemel


Monica Gerard *
Kate Branch
Katie Callaghan
George Drapeau III
Jane Klemmer
Gabriel Tevan


Enrique Orengo*
Jacqueline Bergson
Howard Cohen
Jonathan Kantor
Michael Kellas
Davis Knobloch
Benjamin Lebwohl
Normearleasa Thomas
Angelina Woltmann


William Eckfeld*†
Thomas Bastone
Robert Durante
Michael Maino


Jennifer Pyne*
Martha Binder
Terry Wager


Terry Wager


Heidi Chisholm Wolfgang *
Hilda Ramirez


C. Winfield Swarr
Tim Porter

Bass Clarinet

Bill Young


Mary Olsson
Jonathan Stark
Winnie Swarr


Marcus Shaw
Igor Sherbakov
Marc Wager
Barbara Zacheis

Alto Saxophone

Art Sine

Tenor Saxophone

Uma Karkala

Baritone Saxophone

Karl Watson


Jack Binder
David Marchiony
Glen Oxton


Doug Denniston
Sam Riss
Robert Stattel


Josh Mandel


Danielle Weinberg


Christine Mangiamele
David Wilson


Chia-Li Sung

*** Concertmaster
** Assistant Concertmaster
* Principal
† Assistant Conductor

Music Director

William Eckfeld

William Eckfeld served as orchestra director at White Plains High School from 1987 until his retirement in 2013. He is a prolific composer whose works have been performed by STO and his own chamber group, Trio D'Été. Skilled at piano and organ, he serves as organist at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in New Rochelle, N.Y. He studied composition with Samuel Adler at the Eastman School of Music, with Karl Haidmeier in Austria, and John Corigliano, Jr, in New York. He has served as president of the Greater Westchester Youth Orchestras Association and the Westchester County School Music Association. In the 1970s, Eckfeld played double bass in the Rochester Philharmonic and the Dallas Symphony.